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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have been receiving a ton of donations from family and friends. Yet we are still sooo far away from totaly funding this adoption. We fund the first $10,000 on our own, but the second half which is roughly $15,000 we are raising funds for. We thought we'd try to make it a little easier for anyone wanting to donate. We have posted a paypal donations button at the top of the blog. Anyone wanting to donate is more than welcome. Thank you for all the support and please continue to pray!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Biometrics Date

Yesterday we received our letter for our biometrics date. It's not scheduled until March 28th. Dustin and I had considered trying to go as a walk-in but since it's a nearly 6 hour round trip we've decided not to risk it and just wait until the 28th. Everything continues to go smoothly and we are just continuously praying for guidance and peace!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well lets get the bad news out of the way...Today is March 1st, my original goal for having our dossier in bulgaria. Well obviously it's not there. Ok that's over!

NOW THE GOOD NEWS! Only two weeks after we sent off our USCIS application. We got our letter in the mail today that it has been sent on to the next step which means they are not requiring any more information and our Homestudy looks good! This is great considering we were told by our Placing agency they really weren't sure if they would accept our homestudy. They almost expected it to get rejected. Well we had a lot of prayer, and not only did God get it through smoothely, He did it in record speed! We will be waiting about 2 weeks for our fingerprinting (biometrics) date, then we will get our official approval letter. After that, our Dossier is COMPLETE! About time. Maybe we can have it in Bulgaria by April 1st instead...that would be no joke!!!We ask everyone to just continue to pray!

We also had our first major fundraiser this past weekend with dinner and a movie and silent auction. Thanks to incredible family and friends, we raised $2,000 dollars and had some incredible fellowship! We are preparing for a puzzle fundraiser next. If anyone knows of some great adoption themed puzzle sites through it out there!!