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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And it's off!

I mailed our USCIS application off this morning, and will be anxiously awaiting our fingerprinting date for the next 2 months I'm sure. This is the last major form for our Dossier and we are super pumped to be getting it. I think when we can finally get registered with the MOJ in Bulgaria it will seem a little bit more real and in reach. Dustin and I both still have to go have our dr.'s sign off on our medical forms but besides that we are ready to go.

We've started going around to local business to get donations for our Silent auction and benefit next weekend. I am pretty excited about it! Not only to raise the money but to allow so many family and friends to sortof be a huge part of this adoption. We are already being blessed by people who barely know us just writing checks to help fund this whole process. When Dustin and I first started this journey the one thing that I didn't worry about, and still don't, is how we were going to fund this. This is totally in God's hands and we are just fortunate that he chose us to ride along with him in this incredible ministry. He has taken care of us so far, and I'm standing on the promise that the work He started in us He is faithful to complete!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on Track

Well, if it hadn't been long enough, we FINALLY got our completed homestudy in the mail. Now to send off our USCIS application and wait for a fingerprinting date. My guess at this point is we definitely won't be making our March 1st goal, but at this point I'm just thankful to have our homestudy finished.

On another exciting note, Dustin and I was able to work with Show Hope yesterday at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, and met some amazing people. We feel so blessed to be getting sweeped into this adoption community. Everyone seems so encouraging and just wonderful to be around. We were able to get around 45 more sponsors for the Show Hope grant program and enjoy some great worship.

We will now be working on applying for several grants to fund the second half of our adoption. Along with our fundraisers we are expecting about 12-18 months to raise enough money for the second part of expenses. I have also ordered some more stuff to make the map adoption neclaces for a fundraisers. As soon as I get the stuff in, I'll post some pictures, and start taking orders! Until then, here' s a pic of us last night at the event!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Papaw's Passport!

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but Dustins dad will be traveling with us to bulgaria. He will be our babysitter once dustin and I return to work full time, and he is so anxious to meet his granddaughter! We are so thankful to have him coming along. A third set of hands I'm sure will be helpful. The good news is, he finally got his passport in. Now dustin can't bug him about getting on the ball! We are sooo fortunate to have such amazing family and support through this process. It's so awesome to hear them talk about how excited they are for our baby girl to get here!

A lot of progress is being made in her room also..(pictures to come). I'm working on some more possible fundraisers that I will be taking orders for. We are crossing our fingers to get our Homestudy in the mail this week, and our USCIS request sent off by friday!!! Then it will be time to apply for grants, grants, and more grants!!!! If anybody knows of some awesome grants available send them our way! Stay tuned!