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Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Piece At A Time

Every little bit of our adoption has happened One Piece At A Time.

From One piece of paper at a time to complete our dossier
(definitely how I feel)

Which we started in October of 2011 (seems like a loooong time ago) and completed in May 2012.  We were then registered to adopt 1 female child under the age of 4 with the MOJ on July 6th 2012.  Then we started painting and making the prettiest purple room you've probably ever seen.  Well as you know that changed pretty quickly because all of a sudden we were in need of a boys room instead.  So the pieces continue....

Now we are slowly packing up all of the little girl items, one piece at a time.
Of Course we are saving everything in the event we are blessed with a little girl in the future.

Then we are slowly adding to our "little boy" pile, one piece at a time.

Dustin loves all things baseball.  The large frame on the left is a shadow box of Dustin's High School and college baseball memories that I put together for him for Christmas. Plus I thought it'd be a great thing to hang on the wall for our little boy.
Pretty soon these purple walls will not be purple anymore, and this room will be fit for a prince!
You can see the pile of clothes starting. Dustin swears I'm way to impatient, I just like to think I'm overly prepared, haha!

So this leads me to the ever anticipated Puzzle Fundraiser, which will get us a little closer to being funded!
The Good news is, with the grant our church will be providing, our first trip is officially funded along with the funds associated with our first in country stay and official acceptance of the referral. This is so excited because it means we are that much closer!!!  

So Here It Is!!

Obviously A Perfect Fit for a Baseball Room. We were so excited to find this and even more excited to put it together. Which will happen One Piece At A Time!!

Won't you be a piece of bringing our son home?

I'll post pictures every 100 pieces we get supported and put together on the puzzle! I would love to have this put together before our first trip.

By the way we are hoping to take that trip end of next month or early march!