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Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates and Redos

Well after mailing our dossier to TOL they contacted us to let me know we had 2 things to fix.  First I had mistakenly put 2010 as dustins passport expiration date and it should have been 2020. Stupid mistake, but nonetheless I had to fix it so I got it fixed, and sent off to the Secretary of State to get apostilled.  The second thing was our FBI background check.  It was one of the first things we had done, so it was in danger of expiring shortly after the MOJ receives it.  TOL suggested we go ahead and start the update process so it was ready.  We went ahead and got fingerprinted last week and the local pd and sent off our application.  Last time it took about a month to get our approvals back and then we'll have to send off to the Dept. of State to get it apostilled once it's back. 

Currently, if I understand correctly, our dossier is being translated into Bulgarian.  Once it's completely translated, TOL will then send it to the MOJ and we will wait on a registration date.  We're getting closer and closer, but still so long to go!

On an exciting note.....Dustin and I along with our parents have registered to go to the Bulgarian Adoptees Reunion, which we are suuuuper excited about!  We can't wait to meet all of the beautiful families, and dive a little bit farther into the adoption community. It will be so great to get to talk to people who have dealt first hand with adopting bulgarian children, and get advice about their ups and downs throughout the process!

As soon as our dossier gets translated and sent over, which should take a week or two, I'll be sure and post, so we can send out extra prayers to get our Dossier safe and sound into the hands of the MOJ!!

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  1. Actually, your dossier will be translated in Bulgaria by TOL's partner agency called Vesta. This process takes a few weeks. Vesta will then have the translation authenticated and submit it to MOJ. About a month after submission, you will be registered with a date which will be the official start to your referral wait.

    See you in June,