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Friday, December 21, 2012

This n That

Can I just say that I absolutely love the adoption community. The support, encouragement, and love that flows from this very special group of people is unexplainable.  We feel soooo blessed to be surrounded by and a part of this community. 

With that being said, I am especially thankful for those that have gone before us and have been so wonderful and holding my hand along the way.  Giving us an idea of what the wait will look like, preparing us for the visit, encouraging us, and keeping us in their prayers. I'm also excited to be meeting new families that we can connect with and offer what little advice we have.  I am happy to say I think the Bulgarian Reunion will be even more memorable this year, can't wait to meet all of the new children, and families I feel like have become my own.

Just for a little update on our process....
We have completed our homestudy addendum and are mailing off our I800a Supplement 3 today.
Our Supplement 3 is a form not every family has to do but because we have a change in characteristic of child we are now requesting as opposed to what we were originally approved for, we must submit this form.
Hopefully once this is sent off we will have our updated USCIS approval back within 4-6 weeks and can mail that to BG. Here is the exciting part. Once it reaches BG we are simply waiting for travel dates!!!

Oh we can't wait to meet, hold, and love this sweet little boy whose picture has been shown off to every single person who is even remotely interested.

We have also started the process of converting his bedroom.  Dustin is a lover of all things baseball, and our little boys medical talks about how he enjoys playing with balls, so of course it would only be fair to make him a vintage baseball room. Oh I'm so excited. 

To go along with it we have purchased a 1000 piece vintage baseball puzzle and are getting ready to start our puzzle fundraiser. We will be selling them for $1 a piece. If you are interested let me know. Your name will go on the back of every piece you purchase and the puzzle will be framed between two pieces of glass to hang in his room.  This way he will know the names of all the wonderful people tyhat were a piece of the puzzle to bring him home.

Tonight we are going to wrap gifts at our local factory which pays 5013c organizations $1 per package wrapped in a 4 hour period.  Our church is allowing us to use their Tax ID number so that we can earn this money. I'm also thankful for a church that is so supportive of adoption.  Seing children from China, Taiwan, and Guatemala in the congregation just blesses my heart.There are 6 of us going, and we are hoping to raise $300. 

Our adoption fund is up to $5300.00 which is so exciting because this means our first trip is almost fully funded.  We only need $2,200 more to go!! The $10,000 needed for our next trip seems to be the biggest mountain we will face, but we have so much faith that God is going to provide our every need, and then some!!


  1. We loved the puzzle fundraiser. A very fun and special way to watch the pieces of the journey come together. We love ours and people loved being part of our son's story. :-)
    We will be supporting you too!

  2. We'll buy some puzzle pieces as well, but I want to see a picture of the puzzle just for fun first.