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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perfect Timing

I have held off trying to publish a new post because I truly wanted it to be filled with exciting news instead of more of the waiting game we've been playing for so long.

Well Folks this is it! I can't hold out any longer and fortunately I don't need to...wahhooo!

Just when I thought I was losing hope in this process, and realizing that I am horrible at waiting, God moves.  God didn't just move a little, I mean he REALLY MOVED!!!

We had expected our referral to be issued from the IAC meeting on March 6th.  After a week or two of waiting we realized our case obviously had not been reviewed

So we waited some more.....THEN....Friday we received word that there was a good possibility our referral had been issued this past week, but we would wait until Monday before receiving confirmation. 

I honestly didn't expect to hear anything on Monday.  But we did.  We got the best confirmation!!  Our referral had been issued and we had been officially matched with our son.  All that was left was to get the paperwork translated then issue travel dates.  We were told 2-3 weeks before travel dates would probably come. I was ok with that, seeing as we had waiting so long up until this point, knowing that travel dates was the next step made us excited. we received an e-mail titled   "Travel Dates". What...Are you kidding me?? We weren't expecting these for weeks.  How awesome is God!  I think He was showing off a bit with this one. 

We are very fortunate to have received a pretty good notice. We've heard of 7 day notices before and that made me pretty antsy.  Fortunately we got a 6 week notice.  Where does that put us??  We will be flying out of the US on May 11 and landing in Sofia on May 12th.   How perfect is that?? In case you haven't caught on to the date, let me be the first to tell you, that is Mother's Day.  God's timing is beyond incredible and we feel so blessed to be spending our first mother's day in our sons country. Granted we won't see him that day, but to know we are so close makes it all seem a little bit better. 

As I'm writing this post I'm realizing there is sooo much to be done to prepare for travel.  But we are just thrilled to have a date and can't wait for 6 weeks to fly by!!

We appreciate all of the prayers that have been going up for our family! Please keep our son especially in your prayers that God will continue to prepare his heart to meet his new mommy and daddy.


  1. Great news, can't wait to hear how it goes. Take some things to do with your son and pack some clothes in a carry on. Our luggage was lost there and back.