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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This part of the process seems to have few and far between updates.  We do have an exciting one for today though.  The last day we were in Bulgaria, our US agency sent off our I800 application for us.  This is kinda the final piece of paperwork that we file with the US to apply for the ability to get citizenship for our little guy once we pass court.  Basically once this application is approved everything else happens in Bulgaria.  Well it had been a month and we hadn't heard anything so I broke down and called them just to check progress.  There is great news!!

Our I800 was approved last wednesday (no pinkslip by the way) and sent to Washington DC via 2 day air.  There it will be uploaded to a computer system where the US embassy in BG will access it (hopefully by tomorrow) and then issue an Article 5.  The Article 5 will then get translated and submitted to the Minister of Justice for a signature.  We are hoping to have our article 5 issued, translated, and submitted by the end of the month.  This could mean that we get a signature in July since things seem to hurry up around this time of year. However we are still thinking we won't get court until things start back up in September then hopefully travel back in October.  But for everything to be complete on our side is exciting. Now we truly have to sit back and wait, everything is out of our hands and our country for that matter!!

One step closer! And not many more steps keep us from bringing our son home!!

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  1. Such exciting times!! My husband and I are just beginning the adoption journey to our child in Bulgaria. We are so excited and your blog is such an inspiration! :)