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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We're Home

We've now been home for 12 days and the progress Easton is making is remarkable. I'm sure I'll forget everything but I wanted to post just a few of things he's learned and an update on his health.

Last monday we went to his developmental pediatrician and Easton weighed in at 28.4 lbs, that's 4.5 lbs gained in less than 2 weeks. It's so easy to see too. He's face is filling out, those legs aren't quite as fragile and he's gaining strength.  The pediatrician appointment was basically to get established and make referrals to specialists. At the end of our appointment the following specialists were scheduled:

Orthopedics (due to his ankles and feet not looking like they should)
Audiology (just to test hearing)
Opthamology (just to test vision due to some squinting he does)
Urology (another post another time)
Genetics (to rule out any syndromes that might be causing his delays)

We will also be seeing the International Adoption clinic on the 18th which we are excited about. Our ST, OT, and PT referrals will come from here.

Since Eastons been home he's feeding himself almost all of the time.  Sometimes when we try to feed him he grabs the spoon from our hands and insists to do it himself!

He has learned where his spoons are at and often goes to the kitchen, pulls one out, and brings it to me! He's catching on quickly and loooves to eat. In fact he wants to eat 24/7. We are trying to work out an eating schedule. 

His rocking is minimal and the hand stems still happen if he's not focused on something. He loves to watch basketball in person and laughs hysterically during the whole game.
He's sleeping well through the night after working out some midnight waking up the first few days home.

He goes with the flow so well, loves when we get out his jacket because he knows we are going somewhere.  He's learning to like his carseat. It usually only bothers him when he wants to lay down and sleep.

He's started signing and can sign "more" "please" "again" and "eat".  He uses "eat" and "more" appropriately and will use "please" and "again" when cued to do so. 

We are trying to use the potty as often as possible but he soaks diapers several times a day. He urinates a lot and sweats a lot too. Mostly at night. There are times when he sweats so bad at night we think he's peed everywhere. 

He's so curious. Loves to figure things out. Loves being tickled, chased, and turned upside down. His laughter brings so much joy to our lives. He loses his breath he laughs so hard sometimes! 

He's beginning to make the "ba" and "ma" sounds quite often and will mimic us saying ho ho ho and "yayayay"

His eye contact is incredible and is ability to understand what we are saying is amazing. He has picked up what we are telling him so quickly.

Of course with all the good comes some bad. The good outweighs the bad, but it's still there.
I'm guessing he never learned to brush his teeth because it's a battle every day.  He also has a habit of pulling hair and hitting when he gets over excited.

He was obviously used to doing whatever to get his way because he can throw quite the tantrum.  He will pull his own hair and bite his fingers when he gets really mad. He's learning quickly that it's not working with us and they are getting fewer. 

As we speak he's running down the hall laughing which means he wants to be chased, so I'm cutting this one short. Here are a few pictures since we've been home!!

Putting on the first ornament

4 generations

sucking yogurt out of a pouch

I've never seen anyone so excited about cleaning

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