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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Its Been A Whirlwind

Can I just say, life with Easton is SUPER busy and my ability to blog has practically gone out the door!

Our lives have been a complete whirlwind the past few months.  This last year has brought so many new and exciting changes to our family that honestly, it's been hard to keep up with myself, let alone this blog. But it truly is my goal to do better since things (fingers crossed) seem to be settling down!

Let me start by saying our final fundraiser was a great success, raising nearly $3,800 when it was all said and done.  Our winner, donated the back the grand prize which increased our earnings by a substantial amount, and we are incredibly thankful!

A lot of people have been asking about the progress of our adoption.  Well, here it is, we are still very much in the middle of it, but some of these life changes, have caused some delays. Our homestudy should be updated in the next week or two and we will submit to the adoption authority in Ind*a and wait for a match.  We are truly hoping to be matched by spring time. But with the 12 inches of snow that have us locked in our house right now, spring time feels a few years away!!!

This past year has brought us so many things that are shaping our family.  Easton started school, we sold our house, we moved to my family's farm, we started going to a new church, we started our second adoption, and we've started new therapies for Easton. All of these things have been such a blessing for us.  When Easton came home, we had no idea he'd love the farm as much as he does.  We planned eventually to move out here to help my dad with his Cheese business, but after seeing how much Easton took to the outdoors, animals, and helping around the farm, we knew our move needed to come sooner.  Plus it made since for us (and Dave Ramsey) if we wanted to start on track to being debt free.  So last year we listed our house for sale. It took many months but eventually it sold and we moved a mobile home onto the farm.  We eliminated our mortgage payment so that we could buy a trailer and start paying off the loan we took out for Easton's adoption faster.  Our goal is to be debt free in 5 years and we are trying really hard to get there!! 
Easton loves riding the bus to school so moving farther out, just gave him longer on the bus, which he was super excited about!
His new therapists, well lets just say we are sooo thankful for each of them.  Our ST is doing WOOONDERS with this kid.  We sat down the other day to make a list of all the words he uses on a regular basis and it blew my mind when we got to 25.  He may not say them correctly but he signs most of them and uses the same sounds consistently so we know exactly what he's saying.  He does however say words like, Bye, Bus, Hi, Backpack, Book, Bubbles, Bath, PeePee, Balloon, Ball, Cow, Tractor, Car, Choo Choo, PaPa, and Go correctly.  (can you tell we've been working on words that start with B??)
It's amazing to watch this kid grow and learn. His mind is working in ways it never has before. He's a problem solver, he knows exactly what he wants, and he's very stubborn (as always).  He signs approximately 15 words and is communicating more and more when he needs to go potty.  We are getting ready to start PT along with Behavioral therapy so they can co treat and our OT has starting co treating with our ST during 1 session a week.  We are truly blessed with therapists who "get" Easton, and sees his potential and doesn't let his lack of motivation stop them from getting his best out of him!

Our family is finally settling in our new little home and we love it here. Easton especially loves seeing the cows out his bedroom window!  We truly can't wait to add another little blessing to our family.
The move caused us to have to wait to complete our homestudy, but now that we are here, as soon as the snow clears out and our caseworker can make it here, we will complete it and send it off.  We are really excited to get the ball rolling again.  We've been able to save and raise about $10,000 so far.  which means we only have about $17,000 to go :). It really seems like a lot but we are hoping to apply for some grants and put anything extra we have from farmers markets toward it to save from taking out a loan (remember we are trying to eliminate debt...not create more). We are also getting ready to do our 3rd post adoption report of the 4 required to send back to Bulgaria. Thankful to almost be done with those!!

Easton is growing like crazy...still...I don't think he'll ever stop. And Folks...he's officially on the growth chart for his age!!  E will be 8 next month and I think an average 8 year old is 50'' tall and 55 lbs.  Easton is 50 lbs (that's 27 gained in a little over a year) and 46'' tall (which puts him at the bottom, but still on the scale).
He amazes us every day!
We still have our difficulties like refusing to chew still and not being potty trained, but they seem so minor compared to our struggles when he first came home.
Life truly is beautiful and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.
Here are some pictures of Easton recently for your viewing pleasure!!

He is full of so much joy, it's hard to contain it!!

He got better at opening presents this year

A boy can't be on a farm without some boots and bibs!

The view out of our back door this morning!

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