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Monday, July 13, 2015

Social Media Strike!!

Our family has decided to go on a social media strike!!!  We've deactivated our facebook accounts and truly are looking forward to having more quality time with eachother and those closest to us. With that being said, we love so much being able to share about Easton's growth and development and also keeping everyone informed of our current adoption status.

We definitely plan to be much more present on this blog, hopefully atleast weekly!

A quick adoption update...

Our homestudy was uploaded to Ind*a on June 17th and it's typically been taking families 8 weeks for approval from the adoption authority there. So we are expecting to hear by middle of August.

In the mean time we are waiting on our agency to send us a file to review that our family can potentially (fingers crossed) match with. 

Short but sweet!
Here's to reconnecting with reality and building quality relationships!!!

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