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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to school

We are now 2 weeks into school.
Easton started at a different elementary school this year because our district decided to change up the special education department. I truly believe though, its going to be a great fit.
There is a bathroom in the classroom which has helped with our potty training efforts. In fact the last few days Easton has come home accident free after wearing underwear all day! We are well on our way my friends.
Educationally he seems to be retaining things well. Going slow and a lot of repetition has made the difference. One letter and one number per week and hes really catching on.

We've had a few glitches with Easton testing his limits in the classroom. What I love is that the staff is so open and calls me frequently for ideas on redirection.
I'm so hopeful for this new setting!

We are making progress in speech as well. Easton attempts to verbalize so much more than he used to. Just this week hes started working on 2 word phrases like 'ball please'  'my turn' 'go car' 'more bubbles ' etc.
In fact this morning I was fixing my hair and knocked over a bottle, without any prompting Easton said 'uh oh'. I could have just squealed! He is getting it! These aren't just words anymore, there is meaning attached and he understands. Sure its taking longer than most children, but I honestly couldn't be more proud!
Here's my crazy school and bus loving kiddo on his first day of 1st grade!
 And 1 more for good measure because I love his sweet smile

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