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Monday, June 18, 2012

No News...Is Good News

I love this!!

This totally describes our life right now!  So We've been waiting to hear something from Bulgaria for oh 6 weeks or so now.  We new translation would take a couple so lets knock that down to 3 weeks.  We've been told in Europe NOBODY calls or e-mails just to let you know how things are going, they only talk when they've got something to say.  Well HELLO PEOPLE we're waiting to hear something!!  Ok....the old saying goes No News is Good News and we're hoping that applies to our situation.  I just keep telling myself the MOJ is reviewing it and we haven't heard anything because our Dossier is just PERFECT!!  We were really hoping to get a log-in date by at least July 4th but we're slowly closing in on that date.

The Bulgarian retreat is coming at such a perfect time.  In the midst of waiting, I guess God knew we'd need a great distraction!  Dustin and I along with our parents are going to Ohio this weekend to spend some time with other families who have adopted from Bulgaria, or are also waiting like we are.  We absolutely can not wait!  I can't wait to meet those beautiful children and their incredible families, to learn about our daughters country, and to have a good weekend away from all the craziness at home! 

For a small update we received our FBI clearance in the mail this weekend. This is our updated version since our first clearance will be old news next month.  I'll be sending it off to Hillary Clinton again this week to get it apostilled, then back to TOL and off to Bulgaria to update our Dossier.

This is such a weird transition in the adoption process.  The first 8-10 months we were so busy busy busy every day getting some sort of paperwork together and now just sorta nothing is happening.  I mean it is happening but I'm not in control of it so obviously it's not going as fast as it should be :).  We are continuing to keep an eye on the SN waiting children and at the same time continuing to raise funds for the 2nd half of the adoption. You know, just incase it comes faster than anticipated!!  

Our house is just about packed to the max with yard sale items.  Of course we are fortunate enough to live on HWY 127 so the Longest Yard Sale in the World comes right through our front door!  So many people we know have been amazing enough to let us have everything they don't sell at theirs in order for us to sell in ours!  Our Garage and our guest bedroom are both loaded down and we are so thankful!  We have a lofty goal of $2000 for our yardsale!  That is not including the Jewelry I plan on selling there!

Speaking of Jewelry, I swear this has been the coolest fundraiser. I mean I love selling this jewelry but I REALLY LOVE wearing it haha!  I might wear up all of my profit if I'm not careful!  I've been selling this jewelry for about 1 month now so far and have made 4 orders already. I mean $5 jewelry that is beautiful really does sell itself! I've just booked my first party and am so excited. %100 of profit goes toward our adoption, and I get %45 commission on every sell I make, and it's been one of the funnest Fundraisers I've ever done.  We still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $15,000 for the second half of our adoption, $14,000 left to be exact (yikes) but we know who is in control, and have no doubt He'll make it come together!

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  1. We were told 2-4 weeks for translation by Vesta and authentication, then submission to MOJ. One month from submission to registration which makes a total of 6-8 weeks. So, July 4th is still possible for you.

    Our dossier went over in early August and then sat there while everyone was on vacation. It was submitted to MOJ in mid-October and we were registered 11/19/09.

    See you on Friday. So excited!