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Friday, October 5, 2012

Trip to the Capitol

AHH Yes...the Capitol!  This place is becoming a little too familiar for us. Fortunately it marks movement in our adoption journey. The capitol has been the final stop for us a couple of times now, before sending documents to Bulgaria.  This trip was extra exciting.  We were getting our application to request a child apostilled!  This means our part is done.  We've filled out everything we can and tried to be as convincing as possible.  Now it's out of our hands.  The MOJ will decide if we are fit as a family for this little girl. We've been told we might get "you're too young", "you haven't been married long enough", or maybe even "your income isn't enough to adopt a special needs child".  At this point we are just trusting that God will see everything through!  These are all details we really can't change!!

Now we just sit back do a lot of praying and waiting for a couple of weeks I'm assuming.  It's difficult feeling like this little child is supposed to be yours and we've never even seen her picture.  Isn't adoption a funny thing like that though. When God gives you a peace that truly passes any understanding we have, it just makes you know that this is it.

One of the hardest prayers we've prayed is that if we truly are not the family God has prepared for her that the MOJ just wouldn't approve our request. Because in the end, it's what's best for the children, not about us getting a daughter! Otherwise we are trying to be obedient and stepping out in an almost blind faith, in not knowing everything about this little girl, but I've said it before and I'll say it again...We could wait three years for a "healthy" child and be in the same situation.  That's the funny thing about adoption, the whole process is full of blind faith.  We know God has called us to this, and we just trust that He will take care of everything!!

HAHA don't mind dustin's sungrin.  It was this or he had to wear my sunglass!You see the option he chose!

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