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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's hard not knowing

Let me say first that this adoption is by far one of the hardest things Dustin and I have had to do. The emotional highs and lows are hard to deal with. The waiting is killer...we had been warned but to experience it is completely different. We knew going in to this adoption we would have a basic timeline. So assuming we would follow this basic timeline, has helped us for the most part. Until there are really long gaps in between movement. Then it becomes the hardest. We are in one of those moments.

We haven't had movement since early August. The last thing that happened for us was a signature from the MOJ and our file got moved to court. Since then...NOTHING. We've checked for updates but it seems the judge who has our file is still on vacation. A month long vacation mind you, perhaps even longer than that. VESTA did let us know that she has hearings scheduled for next week and the first week in October, so we are asking everyone to band together and PRAY HARD that our case is heard within these next 2 weeks. What a huge step this will be. It will mean E is officially and legally our son. I mean to us this happened a long time ago, but now the Bulgarian Gov't will recognize it. It's just hard not knowing how close or far away we are from this point.

We will travel roughly 4 weeks after our court date to bring our son HOME...where he belongs!! It's becoming real folks!! Just a few months ago Dustin and I were estimating E would be home within 100 days, now it's less than 100 days until Christmas!! This means he's only 6-8 weeks from being home if our estimates are right. Oh how we pray they are right.

A dear family that we have become friends with traveled to meet their son last week, and just so happened they were at E's orphanage. They saw him!! What a blessing from God, it's been so hard to not have updates! They asked about him and the social worker said he asked about us every time she went in his room. Now lets get real, this is a little hard to believe since he has 0 words in his vocabulary, but it's nice to imagine that he remembers us and is waiting for our return. Soon little buddy, soon!!
Please lift him and our family up over the next few weeks and pray hard that we receive a court date soon! We have a hole in our hearts that needs to be filled and a large family waiting to meet our blessing!

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