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Sunday, October 13, 2013

About time for a little Sunshine!!

My last post was asking you to pray. This one is not much different!  Last time I was asking you to pray that we would get a court date toward the end of September. Well it didn't happen. We didn't hear anything.  In fact my last ray of excitement diminished that week.  It's getting hard. Harder than I ever imagined and I find myself more frustrated and sad than I do excited. Its so hard to anticipate something so many times just to get no results. Eventually you quit anticipating.  I'm there.

But then we got a small ray of sunshine. God shined down on us and saw our hurting. He had mercy on us and folks...we GOT A COURT DATE! I always love to ask God's people to bathe something in prayers that is coming up. And I typically love to give everyone plenty of time to do so.  This time I have not (given time that is). Ive been so worried that something will happen as it usually does, and court will in fact not happen. I suppose that chance is still there, but I'm tired of living without faith that my God is big enough to take care of it. If something does happen we'll just know our time is coming soon.  Otherwise, START PRAYING!!  October 15, yes that's Tuesday...the day after tomorrow, is the big day. In fact court will happen sometime while we sleep Monday night due to the time difference.  We need prayer! We have paid E's ransom now we just need a judge to declare him set free!!!

If all goes well we travel 4-5 weeks after court, which puts us getting home just in time for Thanksgiving. Boy do we have a lot to be thankful for.

Oh, speaking of travel.  We have one other request. PRAY for travel too. I mean not only that travel gets here quickly and goes smoothly, but there have been some changes lately. There are some new requirements with TB skin testing that will require our stay in country to be extended to 10-11 days instead of 1 week. Now this isn't a huge difference, but what we thought was fully funded, well now it isn't.  Pray that the extra funds will be there for the length increase and medical exams that will have to take place that we hadn't planned for.

NOW that we have the big news out of the way, I'm finally prepared to update some pictures of E's room.  There are still some boxes sitting around so ignore those, but we are pretty proud of his big boy room and can't wait to see him in it!

 My favorite part of this picture is the shadow box hanging on the wall! It has Dustin's old jerseys and newspaper articles in it from baseball.  Don't mind the giant inflatable bear lol it was $1 and I couldn't pass it up!!  Of course we got a bean bag, even though it's covered with stuff right now, but he loves the one at his orphanage, so it was only fitting to get him one for here!

 Love that puzzle and everything it represents!!!
The book shelf is full of awesome stuff, but among my favorite is E's grandpas baseball glove and trophies.

Ok I have a slight obsession with shoes and I've passed that on to my sons very own collection.  I just can't pass those little things up!! He's got a great variety :)

Want to know what I'm most excited about? Well besides the obvious of passing court and bringing home home, I can't wait to share his beautiful face with the rest of the world once he is ours! Stay tuned hopefully they are coming soon!!

Start Praying!

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