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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer Fun

Time is flying by now that Easton is home with us. Every day we find ourselves saying it feels like he's always been here, but we can't believe it's already been 5 months.
Now that the weather is warming up here in KY, we are finally able to be outside more. Easton would live outside if we'd let him.
He's getting to experience lots of firsts this summer! First Easter, first picnic, first time throwing rocks in the creek, first time fishing with daddy, first time playing in the water hose, first time camping...and on and on and on!
You want to know one of the things I love most about this kid? His Joy. He radiates joy. No matter what, he's always laughing at something. Even when we don't know what's so funny, he's rolling in the floor losing his breath he's laughing so hard. It's impossible to have a bad day when he's around!! He's brought so much happiness to our life!

Lets the last month we signed up for kindergarten, stopped private therapies, grew some more of course, and started learning colors and the alphabet.  Now of course he still can't speak clearly but if we ask him to pick up whatever letter he can do it, or to match colors he can do it! It's amazing how smart he is.  Although he knows when I'm trying to catch a video because he purposely picks every answer except for the correct one and then laughs!

Easton is very much all boy. He is testing more and more limits. He's in the stage now where us saying "no" is funny so he inches closer and closer while looking you in the eye and laughing even though he knows he's not supposed to.  As frustrated as we get sometimes, we lay down at night and thank God that he's in a family and is getting to experience what it means to be a little mischievous!!

We're hoping to teach him to swim this summer. He loves water so much and has no fear of it, so hopefully that will be fairly easy to do. He's building muscle like crazy and starting to conquer stairs. Especially if there's something at the top or bottom that he's after!

Easton is catching on to so many new concepts, and is such a problem solver.  It really is amazing how smart he is. We are almost certain in a few years he'll be caught up developmentally. 

June 3 is our Genetics appointment where we will go and find the results of his lab work.  Most days we are convinced it is simply orphanage life that has created Easton's delays, but regardless of the outcome he's far surpassed what we were told he would ever do!!  I love the resilience in our little guy. He teaches us every day what it means to look adversity in the eye and be an overcomer!!

I'll leave some pictures to follow, so you can see a glimpse of the joy he brings into our life.

Also stay tuned for some excited news from our family in the coming weeks! I promise it'll be good :)

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