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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ready, Set, Surprise!!

That title will get you curious won't it??

 I posted last time that our family has some exciting news...and we do!

 When we started Easton's adoption, we did not know that Easton was the child God had planned for us, but we are so so thankful that God's plans prevail and not ours. Easton is perfect for our family. God has blessed us with such a special treasure in Easton.

 Not every day is easy, in fact some of them are down right hard. Most of the time Easton can communicate with us, but in those times where we don't have a clue what our child needs or's difficult. It's difficult when he laughs while being in trouble, or when he purposely will defy you just to see what reaction he'll get. It's hard when he says he's hungry but won't eat, or when he starts pouting because he wants to do something other than what you want him to do. It's tough when you know he's capable of going to the potty, but will use his diaper just so he doesn't have to stop doing what he wants to. It's heartbreaking when he's upset but won't let you near him.

 BUT... As our pastor often says "Thank God for BUTs"...

 isn't that normal with every child you've ever known. Aren't biological children just as difficult sometimes. I'll answer with a big YES. Even though we have no biological children, most of the struggles we have with Easton would be no different if he was biologically ours. Yes it's hard and we lose patience, maybe even many times a day, BUT it is soooo worth it. I would do it a million times over and over again.

The hard stuff doesn't even come close to comparing to the joy, happiness, and Character building Easton is doing in our lives. I've learned a lot about myself through easton. A lot of things I don't necessarily like, and am trying to work on, but I've heard parenthood will do that to you!

So with all of that said... We want more of this joy and happiness Easton has filled our lives with. We are excited to announce that we are beginning the process of adoption again! Our family is going to grow again and we couldn't be more excited.

We will not be going back to Bulgaria, in fact we are going to a different continent all together, but we are beyond thrilled. If Easton has taught us's that the children the world has discarded and sees as unworthy often wait the longest for families, but are by far the biggest blessing! So for that reason we will be going through a special needs program again.

We did not choose it at first last time, until we saw Easton's picture, but this time we are determined to bring one of these sweet angels home and into our family. We are very open to whatever God has for us this time and unlike last time are not specifying gender or limited needs. While we hope to adopt a child with cleft lip/cleft palate or limb differences (due to the overwhelming need in the country we are going to) we are open to many other needs.

 God proved Himself time and time again during our last adoption, and we are even more excited to watch him do it again. We can't wait for Easton to have a sibling to play with and learn from!!

 We hope you will join us on this journey as we take it on for the 2nd time. It will be no easier this time, in fact, financially it will probably be much harder, but the bigger the mountain the more room for God to work and show his power and majesty!

 This journey will likely take 2 years and will no doubt test my patience again but we are prepared for the uphill battle and are confident that God has ordained this adoption.

Stay tuned it's bound to be exciting!!

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