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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Playing Catch Up

As the title suggests, we've had lots going on since we last posted, and it's time to play some catch up!

Also notice, our blog title has changed. Since this is not just about our bulgarian adoption anymore, we figured we'd switch it up!

First things first, some updates on Easton.
Since our last post, we have made our second visit to genetics to get the results of Easton's testing.  What we found was interesting, unexpected, and gave us more insight to Easton's biological family. With that being said, we found nothing genetically that is stopping Easton from full development.  The geneticist was able to go over an mri that we had been waiting to discuss with our neurologist, that showed some minor changes but nothing significant.  The rest of what we found out is Easton's story, and we'll leave it up to him if he wants to share that one day or not, as it's rather private.
We were thrilled with the news and are preparing to go full force back into therapy and school. We had taken a small break from therapy until we found a place closer and that is also able to offer behavioral therapy.  We are getting back into the swing of things and Easton will undergo another OT and ST eval this week.
We're having difficulties finding a dentist that our insurance prefers and that will take on Easton's hatred for a dentist. Planning on calling our 3rd one tomorrow to attempt making an appointment that won't be a waste of our time.

In growth, Easton continues to pack on the pounds and now inches.  He's up to 43 lbs and 41.5 inches. He's grown 3/4 of an inch in just the last month.  I expect to see his height continue to shoot up, but I'm thinking his weight is finally leveling off at 20 lbs gained since coming home.Although genetics did tell us his dna points to him being of short stature!

*2nd Adoption Update*
As far as our second adoption. Things are moving slowly as we expected.  The fees due up front are much more substantial and we are raising them day by day.  We need $3700 initially to pay an application  and acceptance fee.  We only need $1600 more and that will be met! Praise the Lord.  We've had some generous donations, 2 fundraisers, and all of our Farmers Market money to go toward the adoption so far. We are of course planning more fundraisers (which I dread even saying), so stay tuned for those.

I shared with a few friends, that this is by far the hardest part of adoption.  Not just having the money laying around to pay for everything (unless our house sells!!).  Although, I'm a firm believer if you are being called to something or feeling led to do something, and you can do it on your own, it's probably not God moving! Folks we are seeing God move already.  Every time I start to question if we can really bring in enough funds to do this again, God surprises us with a reminder that He's in control!

Our goal is to turn our application in by August and begin our homestudy. We will also be doing our second post adoption report for Easton to send to Bulgaria in August!

*Summer Happenings*
We've had a lot going on this summer. We are having a ton of new adventures as a family of three.  Just this past week we were gifted an amazing vacation with some great friends to the beach.  We wouldn't have had a vacation at all this year if they hadn't invited us to tag along and we are so thankful they did.  Last weekend we were blessed for the 3rd year to attend the Bulgarian adoptees reunion. This was our first year having Easton with us.  He was a little off that weekend and about sunday we figured out he had some sort of bug. That particular bug brought lots of blow outs and puking and a particularly small appetite which is not like Easton at all.  However I believe he enjoyed himself, especially at the splash park!!  I think a large group of kids sends him into some sort of survival mode and he shuts down a little. School should be say the least. He was super clingy over the weekend, which we loved, but is very unusual for him. Almost like he needed extra reassurance. I'm just thankful we are able to give it to him!

The sand at the beach was a test the first day. Easton hated it, and wasn't fond of the water either. The second day he b-lined it for the ocean. We just had to be a little more patient and let him decide he wanted to do it.  He liked the pool a lot better because he could stand in it at different levels. He is such a water dog!! We had a great time away as a family, and now we are back and about to get back to normal life.

No seriously, he LOOOOOVES water, in case you couldn't tell!!

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