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Sunday, August 17, 2014

First week of school

I'm pleased to say we had a successful first week of school. Easton seems to love it, really!  We love his teachers, for many reasons, but mostly because she celebrates even the smallest victories with us!

He gets so excited each morning that we pull into the parking lot and walks straight to his classroom. He jumps with joy every time he goes in there. Picking him up is another story. Dustin picks him up and he usually falls asleep before even making it home lol!!  School is wearing him out!  We are fortunate he's such a morning person because he loves getting up to get ready!

Here's  a picture from the first day!

We are all learning each other and his teachers are still learning all of his special quirks and signs!!  But on the third day we got this sent home...

You see, these are one of those small victories!!  Easton hates Hand over Hand help.  He acts like it hurts him almost, and I'm sure for something he's not use to it is quite uncomfortable.  BUT...just after working for 3 days he was tolerating it. Not only that but he's learning to pick up a pencil/crayon properly and independently.  This is so exciting!! 

We've also started new OT and ST which we are really excited about.  They seem to really be going back to the root of his issues (institutional life) and treating that, instead of just treating the symptoms/issues we have now.  They truly get the cause of his behaviors and without that it would be impossible to correct/treat.

Behavioral therapy has been a God send.  Originally our goal was for easton to be able to sit at a table for an extended period of time and focus on puzzles/work.  Well that took 2 trips to therapy and he will sit for the entire time! Of course we use pediasure for motivation. Pediasure can get that boy to do anything!! So now she is changing our goals to work with a new program called Ables.  We are anxious to see how much it helps but it focuses on fine/gross motor skills and receptive language.

 I'm so proud of my sweet boy and how hard he's working to overcome everything that once held him back!!! 

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