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Saturday, August 2, 2014

We are starting school!!!

First let me say we are wrapping up our t-shirt fundraiser and we are overwhelmed at the support. We were able to sell over 100 shirts which was our goal woohoo!!!

Easton Is Starting School!! YAY
We are excited about this for many reasons, but mostly because he will be exposed to so much more in the public school setting (i.e. language, other kids, etc.) and someone much more capable of teaching him than me will be in charge of well..teaching him!!

Summer is coming to an end, and he continues to grow like crazy. We had a school physical where he checked in at 45.5 lbs and 42.5 inches tall!!
In case you forgot, that's 22.5 lbs gained and 4.5 inches grown in 8.5 months..unreal!

We started behavioral therapy last week, and I think the Dr.'s office and school shots must have sent him into a frenzy because he cried the second we walked into therapy. I'm assuming he thought he's be getting shots again. Hopefully next week will be better. Their goals are to improve his ability to sit at a table and focus on activities, potty training, reducing the hand flapping, throwing, and climbing, and of course eliminating the screaming!!!  Well, if we even get remotely close we'll be singing hallelujah!!!

We will also start a new ST and OT this week. We are pretty excited as they seem to have a lot of experience. Easton is trying harder and harder to talk but still just can't form proper sounds to make correct words. He says daddy a lot though and is using his sign to communicate properly much more.

In more exciting news, we got our hair cut this week and he sat all by himself and laughed the entire time! YAY..he's growing up so fast!

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