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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blown Away!

 When Dustin and I decided to do this puzzle fundraiser, we expected it to be a challenge to get all 1,000 pieces funded. Never in a million years would we have guessed we would have the response that we've had.  I know I said I would update every 100 pieces but with the events of the last 48 hours that has been quite impossible.  The support has been incredible and we are completely blown away. I'm going to post a couple of photos that were taken all in the past 2 days.
                   The first picture we were able to take was of 242 pieces. This was  yesterday evening

Then this morning after some more donations we took this picture of  328 pieces.

And as of right now we can post this picture....

Let me say again we are BLOWN AWAY by the response!  I know there is a little boy who I can't wait to share this experience with.  He is obviously already loved by soo many people!

My favorite picture will be of the puzzle completely together with all names on the back!


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