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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puzzle Fundraiser

Some Exciting News...


What an incredible amount of support we recieved during this fundraiser. In only 5 days we had family, friends, and strangers come together to purchase every piece of this 1000 piece puzzle.

                                                       Here is the completed puzzle!!! 

We feel sooo blessed to be posting this sooo quickly.  Also we drew for the gift card that was part of a giveaway if we got the puzzle funded.  Jayne, Grant, and Isaiah Litton were the winners of the gift card!!! 

In other news, our paperwork left for BG at the beginning of this week. We are truly hoping to get a referral next week..fingers crossed!  We also applied for 3 grants this week. These will be vital for us to fund our second trip and all of the fees associated. We always appreciate prayers and will keep everyone posted.

Lets all pray that our next post contains a referral and travel dates...wooo hooo!!!!

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  1. Congrats Dustin and Linsdey!

    I have another adoption fundraising idea I'd like to share with you. Could you email me at


    Matthew Lee