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Monday, February 18, 2013

Updates, Set Backs, and Celebrations

Lets start with updates first....

We have been matched with our son for 2 months now and are sooo sooo close to traveling to meet him. 

Our first trip is Fully Funded!!! We are now working on that second trip which is more expensive than the first.  To be completely funded we need roughly $10,500 more. At this point that seems like a mountain but truely it is a drop in the bucket to what God is capable of. We are standing on solid ground and have complete faith that He will provide!

In Fundraising news we are almost to our first picture of the puzzle!  We are at $60 thanks to some very special families!!  We can't thank each of you enough for your generous donations!!  We want to post our first 100 pieces so we only need 40 more pieces sponsored!!

We would truely love to have the puzzle fully funded before we leave for our first trip!!!

Now for some Set Backs.....
We knew when we were matched to our son we would have to change some paperwork with USCIS. We had originally been approved for a girl under 4 and well he obviously isn't a girl or under 4 so we had some paperwork to do.   We submitted all of that and a couple weeks later got "pink-slipped".  They wanted more information, updated background checks, and some things from our original homestudy.  That took us about 2 weeks to get together and sent it all back off again!  We were expecting everything to come in last week and when it came in I was soooo excited.  Well as I sat down to read it, the only update that had occured was the increase in age.  The approval still stated female and none of our son's needs were listed in the approval.  I called USCIS and so graciously explained to them what was wrong and after a couple of phone calls they agreed to correct it all, admitted the mistake on their part, and said they would get it right in the mail.

Now for the Celebration....
Saturday we received it.  This is our final piece of paper we needed to send to BG before receiving our official referral and travel dates. WAAAHOOOOO!!!

I'll be making one more trip to Frankfort to get everything apostilled and then off to BG it goes!

Dustin and I are making some estimates and are expecting to travel the middle of march.  This is exciting but we are sad to miss our son's 6th birthday which we were certain we would get to celebrate with him.The important thing is, this is the last birthday he will have in an orphanage without a family! Praise God!

We understand and knew going in to this process there would be setbacks and mishaps, and we have been so fortunate that we truely haven't had any to this point.  With that being said, we believe that God has His hand in every situation and circumstance and knows exactly what He's doing by delaying us a couple of weeks.  We are thankful for God's provision and even though we don't understand it at times we can have peace in knowing it is what's best for us and our son.



  1. How exciting to see progress! Just a note, don't be afraid to ask for an earlier travel date than what's offered, if it will help you see your son on his birthday. We were offered a date for our pickup trip and asked if we could go a week earlier because it would be easier for our childcare providers. Five minutes later our case manager called with the approval for that date. It never hurts to ask!

    1. That is a great idea! Thanks so much for suggesting it. We are basically ready to fly at any point so I will see if it's an option. We are hoping to have everything in BG by monday morning and his birthday isn't until march so there is still hope!!

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  3. Dustin and Lindsey,

    I have an adoption fundraising idea that I'd like to share with you. Could you please email me at


    Matthew Lee