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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homestudy Received!

We got the rough draft of our homestudy this morning. Definitely an awesome belated Christmas Present! I've reviewed everything and made the corrections. The next step is sending it to TOL to make sure everything is there for Bulgaria to accept it. After that it's the enfamous USCIS approval that I'm sure we'll be waiting until march to get back. Getting our homestudy is such a major step I feel like because it's one of the final things we have to have for the US, everything else is for Bulgaria. We are hopefully only a few months from being registered with the MOJ. My goal for March is looking a little unreachable, but we're still hoping, because we've got a great God who can make anything happen miraculously fast!

In the mean time we had a wonderful Christmas. Mom bought Makenna her first uk t-shirt and of course a cabbage patch doll that comes with adoption papers. Fortunately there aren't as many adoption papers as there are for an International adoption! I'm so excited to see the support and love that is already pouring out from our family's and friends. We have been so blessed this weekend, not only because of Christmas but also because we are seeing God working in the lives of people around us. We have been so encouraged by members of our congregation, not only by prayer, but even financially. God truely is in this process and we couldn't be more amazed by with the way He's been working. It is our deepest prayer that this adoption will change the life of a little bulgarian girl, and also our own lives, as well as many lives around us.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas!

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