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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homestudy Time!

Well today is our homestudy and we are excited, a little anxious, but most definitely ready for it to be here. Once our home visit is over and approved we can send our USCIS approval off and start applying for grants to help fund the second part of our expenses. I have been working on our dossier paperwork on the side, and have mostly everything except the stuff pertaining to our homestudy and of course our FBI and USCIS approvals. Once we have those it's off to the Secretary of State to have everything apostilled. The final step will be sending everything to Bulgaria. We've set a goal for ourselves of having everything on its way to Bulgaria by March 1st! That gives us plenty of time but I like setting goals that I have the potential to meet early!!

This past weekend Dustin and I spent cleaning and rearranging our bedrooms. We moved the guest bed into the office and cleared out the guest room for all of Makenna's stuff. We've started a pile in the corner and it just keeps growing! We've also been taking pictures of family, friends, our house, schools, the yard, and our pets because we have to send all of those things to bulgaria with our dossier.

I'm hoping to come back tomorrow or maybe even tonight with a really good report from our Home Visit! Please keep us in your prayers!

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