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Friday, December 9, 2011

Little update

Well just for a little update.... Our homestudy is drafted and we were missing a few things like a letter from my Dr. and an employment verification. However I've already gotten those too our social worker and we are hoping to have our homestudy rough draft by early next week!

As Christmas is approaching it makes me so excited to think about life when there is 3 instead of 2 of us. Just the thought of being able to share Christ's love with a small child who has never known it before is such a blessing. We continue to bring things home to decorate her room just to keep our minds off of how long it's going to take once the wait begins.

We are also getting better educated on several Special Needs that we feel our family could manage. So we are updating our special needs list daily it seems like. This really is a good thing because it just opens the door to so many more children who deserve a great life!

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