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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well that went Fabulous!

SHEEEW what a relief...not that we were THAT worried! Our homestudy is over and it went so well! Our SW is so great and made us feel so comfortable! Even better she's hoping to have it typed up and ready to proof read by end of next week. That's great news because that means we can go ahead and send off our USCIS paperwork!

I'm going to make this pretty short since dustin is trying to sleep right now! We ask that you all just keep praying for a speedy process! Our first fundraiser is going great by the way. We have passed out baby bottles to family and friends and asked them to fill it with their spare change! We've gotten over $150.00 in just 2 weeks! We truely are so blessed!

On a side note, Dustin's dad just bought a house 10 minutes from us! Looks like we got ourselves a babysitter! We REALLY are blessed!!!!

Well goodnight, and I'll keep you updated when the next big event comes our way!

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